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Saved Web Pages – Daily Report at 9 p.m. [Inoreader digest]

Saved Web Pages – Daily Report at 9 p.m.

created by Michael Novakhov  •  Jul 04 2022

The most notable news articles in full text version.
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Гомофобия Путина — от анекдотов до сроков

Он спокойно говорил о том, что считает себя либералом, затем рассказывал о величии Российской Империи,… 2h

Putin’s place in history? A tu’ppenny ha’ppeny Nazi – PAUL BALDWIN

A bully yes. A cheap thief and a crook certainly. But despite his almost embarrassing desperation for… 3h

What good is intelligence in Ukraine?

One of the pure joys of being a college professor in my D.C. dotage is having former students and their… 5h

At least 6 killed in shooting at Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois

Six people were killed in a shooting at a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois, police said…. 6h

Firm says stolen software helped bin Laden plot 9/11

Click to Read More and View Comments Click to Hide 8h

Russian Spy with 25 Years of Espionage Goes Down to FBI Sting – On This Day in History

No one was more surprised than George Trofimoff on June 14, 2000, when the FBI arrested… 9h

EU chief urges Ukraine to speed anti-corruption reform – KyivPost – Ukraine’s Global…

The president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen told Ukraine’s parliament on Friday, July… 13h

Ukraine Live Updates: As Province Falls, Russian Forces Can Focus Farther West

With the fall of Luhansk, the battle for Donetsk looms.Firefighters extinguishing a fire at a shopping… 14h

“Цель этой войны – война”. Вторжение в Украину и самогипноз Кремля

Сергей Медведев: Сегодня наш гость – политолог Владимир Пастухов, научный сотрудник Университетского… 14h

Father Figure: The Tortured Life of George Michael

Continue reading the main storyJames Gavin’s engrossing biography of the singer takes the measure of… 14h

Opinion | Keep Czars Far Away, in Moscow or Mar-a-Lago

Continue reading the main storyJuly 4, 2022, 5:00 a.m. ETIvan Grodzensky, the author’s great-grandfather,… 15h

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