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Somebody has to take action on Putin


To the Editor:

How long is America (Biden) going to keep his tail between his legs when it comes to the Ukraine? Today, 25 people died in a caravan waiting to pick up relatives in a captured area to rescue them, were shelled by Russia. Biden is worried about Putin pushing a button. We have more buttons than he does.
Why hasn’t someone in Russia put a bullet in Putin’s head? The United Nations? What a waste of time and money. They’ve done nothing. I understand NATO etc. but to let people die? The United Nations had a committee to decide if Putin was a war criminal probably now in its sixth month. How long does it take? Not enough body count yet? A worldly disgrace to United Nations representatives who are supposedly not doing what their paid to do.

We need a stronger leader than Biden. Russians need to overthrow or assassinate Putin and save their own people. There’s enough Russian population [Mafia] in Coney Island, N.Y. to contact someone in Russia to take him out. Problem being no one in Coney Island is going to read this letter. Yo, Biden wake up!

Anthony Rizzo

Village of Alhambra