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GOP nears House majority, vote tallies continue

(NewsNation) — Democrats have clinched the Senate, but the latest Decision Desk HQ results show Republicans are just one seat away from securing a majority in the House.

The House is the GOP’s final shot at gaining control of a congressional chamber. The races are tight, and if Republicans manage to pull a win, their majority will be thin.

Democrats were projected to win 203 seats, leaving just 15 races uncalled Tuesday morning. Five races were called by Decision Desk HQ for Republicans on Monday in New York and California, giving the GOP a net gain of nine congressional seats thus far.

In California, Ken Calvert and Michelle Steele held on to two House seats for Republicans while Julia Brownlee and Kevin Mullen held on to their seats for Democrats, according to Decision Desk HQ.

If Republicans secure a majority, the leadership of the party remains a question. Republicans plan to hold leadership elections for the next Congress later in the day Tuesday.

Rep. Andy Biggs late Monday announced a run for Speaker of the House, challenging House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in the Republican conference’s nomination to the post.

After Democrats mitigated losses in the House, some Republicans continued to question whether or not to support McCarthy.

But during a candidate forum on Capitol Hill Monday, McCarthy recruited others to back him.

“I’m fully in support of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker, I think he’s done a great job as a Republican leader. And I believe he has earned the support,” Republican Michael Lawler said.

Other Republicans continue to call for these elections to be delayed.

“We should not vote for leadership positions before we know the results of the elections,” Rep. Chip Roy tweeted.