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Howie Carr: A liar goes to Washington? He’ll fit right in

For the coveted 2023 Profiles in Courage Award, I hereby nominate Congressman-elect George Santos, R-NY.

The wording for the prestigious honor should read something like this:

“Despite his GOP affiliation, Santos bravely reached across the aisle to embrace a proven Democrat campaign strategy – concocting a resume that was a total tissue of lies and fabrications, and then when he was busted, merely shrugging and thumbing his nose at all critics, pointing out that he asked for no special dispensation, only to be treated like all the (Democrat) statesmen who had gone before him, among others, Dementia Joe Biden, the fake Indian, Da Nang Dick Blumenthal….”

And so on, ad infinitum.

Hey, Santos just “self-identifies” as a Jew, as a property-owner, as a preppie, as a college graduate, as a millionaire businessman, as a former employee of Goldman Sachs and Citigroup, etc.

Since when is “self-identifying” as someone you weren’t born as a crime? I thought Democrats celebrated it. Just ask Sam Brinton or Rachel Levine.

Of course Santos is a sociopath, a sleazebag, a serial liar. But so what? I don’t care. For too long, we have had one set of ethical standards for Republicans, and a different set altogether – or more precisely, no standard whatsoever – for Democrats.

This is what happens when you have different sets of rules or laws for different classes. Invariably, those who belong to the caste being oppressed by the more onerous standards (in this case, Republicans), will eventually insist on the same rules as their betters – which is to say, no rules.

This is where we find ourselves, after a half-century or so of Kennedys, Clintons, Obamas, Bidens and a host of other duplicitous Democrats, perpetrating one scandal after another, all of which they blithely dismiss with the hypocritical excuse:

“Everybody does it.”

Well guess what? George Santos is now everybody.

At least Santos has admitted he’s a con artist. The only biographical detail that he’s still sticking to is that he’s gay, even though it turns out that he had a wife for years.

The lesson here is, a modern American politician can survive just about any scandal, except for being outed as… a straight white male. No one can admit to that unspeakable aberration and hope to survive in polite society.

Let’s compare a few of Santos’ whoppers to Biden’s. There isn’t room enough to list all of Brandon’s lies again, but remember, Santos is accused of making up his “Jew-ish” heritage.

Biden of course said he used to go to the synagogue after Mass – on Sundays. Just last week in fact he lied that he was part Italian, and that his wife’s father was named Domenic Giacoppo. (Fact check: his name was Donald Jacobs.)

Speaking of lies about Jewish background, consider Hillary Clinton. Yes, the same Hillary who came under enemy fire at Tusla and who tried to join the Marines back in the 1970’s – didn’t she also falsely assert that she had a Jewish grandparent?

In fact, I can remember during the 1992 campaign in Brooklyn when she claimed that she would honor her Jewish heritage by keeping a kosher kitchen in the White House, a lie that has probably been scrubbed from the Internet because… Democrats.

Hillary was also the first one to promote the “birther” story about Barack Obama, back in 2008. And the reason that story gained traction was that on the sell-sheet sent out to publishers when the former Barry Soetoro was peddling his first set of “memoirs” it was falsely claimed that he had in fact been born in Kenya.

But I digress. You see the problem here? When you start digging into lies by Democrats, you risk going down a rabbit hole. One Democrat lie leads to another to another.

Democrats all speak with forked tongues, as Sen. Warren’s ancestors might say. But now, when it comes to George Santos, I’m sure she’s on the warpath.

Even a few Republicans are railing against Santos. The Republican DA of Nassau County, in Santos’ district, thundered this week:

“No one is above the law.”

Really? Hunter Biden could not be reached for comment.

Then there’s state-run media. The New York Times is being criticized for not uncovering the holes in Santos’ resume before the election.

But seriously, who could the Times assign to report that anybody else was making stuff up –  certainly none of the “investigative” reporters who received the 2018 Pulitzer Prize for concocting the Russian collusion hoax out of whole cloth.

The Times still refuses to admit that its four years of Very Fake News about Donald Trump were no less phony than George Santos’ curriculum vitae.

How about the Boston Globe? They too are outraged by the sins of this Santos fellow. Imagine, the same failing newspaper that employed, among others, Mike Barnicle, Kevin Cullen, Patricia Smith and Jayson Blair (before he graduated to the Times) is now shocked, shocked at public figures making bleep up out of thin air.

Just to cite one example, how about the time the Globe ran a photo on its metro front that it claimed was a picture of a US soldier in front of a tank in Iraq raping a native woman. You could even see the private parts of the “soldier.”

Turned out it was a still shot from a porn movie, packaged by one of the Globe’s pet politicians, who would shortly thereafter be lugged and packed off to federal prison for accepting bribes.

But hey, the photo made George Bush look bad, so it worked, right? Just like running all those lies in 2012 about how Mitt Romney wasn’t paying any income taxes.

You know, some stories are just too good to check out, at least if they’re useful for sliming Republicans. When it comes to true scandals involving Democrats, you can just make up another lie and claim it’s all “Russian disinformation” and refuse to print anything.

This same double standard applies to just about everything in politics. Look at New York state’s disastrous response to the latest blizzard in Buffalo. If a Republican were governor, it would be a national scandal. But it’s a Democrat in Albany, so the snow was just an act of God.

Hang in there, George Santos. You can ride this one out. And if does get worse, you also have the ultimate hole card.

You can switch parties and become a Democrat. And then every phony-baloney Democrat who now demands your scalp (sorry, fake Indian) would immediately do not just a 180, but would loudly denounce anyone who questioned your credentials as a homophobe.

Being a Democrat means never having to say you’re sorry.

BOSTON, MA.- President Joe Biden makes a phone call to a Georgia voter during a visit to Dorchester's IBEW Local 103 phone bank on behalf of Georgia Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock on December 2, 2022 in Boston, MA. (Photo by Amanda Sabga/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald)President Biden has a loose grip on the truth. (Herald file photo)
BOSTON, MA.- Senator Elizabeth Warren speaks during a visit to Dorchester's IBEW Local 103 phone bank on behalf of Georgia Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock on December 2, 2022 in Boston, MA. (Photo by Amanda Sabga/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald)Sen. Elizabeth Warren isn’t actually the most truthful person when it comes to her resume. (Herald file photo)