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Former FBI on Idaho killer: How long did police know?

(NewsNation) — Following the arrest of Bryan Christopher Kohberger on Friday, former CIA officer and FBI special agent Tracy Walder made an appearance on “NewsNation Live” to give her reaction.

One of the main questions Walder had is how soon law enforcements knew Kohlberger was their primary suspect.

“I am interested in understanding how long this person was on law enforcement’s radar,” Walder began. “Only because, in recent interviews, we saw the Moscow police chief punting things to the prosecution, saying ‘if the prosecution will let me’ and I found that to be extremely telling, especially being a former FBI agent.”

Walder went on to expound how, as an FBI agent dealing with bank robberies, the prosecution in those cases also wanted more information despite having caught the suspect red-handed because “they wanted to be sure they’re getting a conviction.”

Walder feels such may be the case in the Idaho killing investigation.

“So i’ll be interested to know how long this person was on law enforcement radar for,” Walder said.

Going forward, Walder says she does not believe the methods used in determining Kohberger as their suspect will be revealed because it may tip the hand of the defense.

Walder does believe more details on the suspect may come out.

“They may tell you whether or not this was a person that was known to the victims or not known to the victims. You may get information on what role the white Elantra played, but I don’t think you will get a motive right away unless this person confesses immediately and takes a plea,” Walder said.

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