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Successful Attack from Belarus Unlikely Says Front Line Soldier

In an unique Interview, an infantry soldier of Ukraine’s armed forces who works by using the call-sign Chik and is serving on the defensive line with Belarus, explained the probability of a Russian offensive from Belarus territory. He also described defending Kyiv in the commencing of the complete-scale war. 

Is your unit serving right on the border with Belarus? 

Sure, we are identified as the frontier of protection. At the beginning of the war, this territory was occupied by Russians who experienced a base right here. Russians shelled Chernihiv (Ukraine’s regional middle in the north) and in other instructions from this position. In April, Russian troops remaining this location. We have been serving listed here for 4 months now. 

Armed forces industry experts cannot agree on regardless of whether the Russians will start a new assault from Belarus territory. What do you individually think?

There is the Dnipro river on a single side and the Desna river on the other. Russians have presently been trapped listed here after. In spring, they constructed a pontoon throughout the Desna river to bypass Chernihiv, but they failed. They would be defeated had been they to come below again.

Also, they need additional forces to make a frontal assault. Russian command would want at minimum 150,000 servicemen for that. According to various estimates, Russian troops in Belarus now amount up to 20,000. The optimum amount of mobilized troops that they can receive at their coaching ranges is up to 90,000. They technically are not able to get ready for an offensive just before February or March. The only thing Russia can do is divert element of the Ukrainian forces below. 

How quite a few Ukrainian troops are in the location?

I really don’t know accurately, but 150,000 to 200,000 are scattered in the north. 

Have you found the border with Belarus? Is there barbed wire?

Certainly, I utilized to go there. Belarusians place up roadblocks to stop Ukraine from infiltrating their territory. Even so, the actual fence is the Dnipro river – it stops the troops better than the wall and barbed wire. Specially in existing climate problems it would be complicated to pass. The Russian attack unsuccessful when we were being unprepared and now they have no likelihood for success. 

Are there more than enough weapons? Do you have a winter uniform?

We necessary more weapons and ammunition and purchased the uniforms ourselves. Volunteers usually you should not appear to this aspect of the entrance, so our supply could be better. I see that the offer of the Ukrainian army is mainly primarily based on volunteers. The Ukrainian individuals immediately finance the wants of the army by way of volunteering. 

Do you get financial payment from the condition?

Yes, I do. There is also a reward for the completion of risky responsibilities.

How was the condition with military materials at the starting of the full-scale war?

At the starting of the war, I served in Kyiv: There had been no weapons at all. We were commanded to demolish everything we discovered, generally in the air, but our weapons were archaic, like from a museum. In March, company members from particular operations forces came to assist our device with two transportable air protection methods. 

I consider that, at the time, we survived thanks to pre-war Western arms materials and American intelligence information. We understood in which the Russian forces would land. 

What ended up the initial days of war like?

I am a marksman and practiced taking pictures just before the war. I was mobilized from the initial days and appointed to be a senior marksman. I came with my weapon and the command was very delighted for the reason that we had practically nothing.

I served in the armed forces device defending Kyiv from the west aspect of the Zhytomyr freeway. At first, there was confusion. No just one knew what to do, and there was a protection breakthrough from Russian diversion groups together Pobedy Avenue in Kyiv.

At Hostomel Airport the Nationwide Guard repelled Russian attacks simply because they had intelligence on where the Russian force would land, and it was 1 of the most sophisticated and staffed models. They prevented the Russian planes from landing and deploying a helipad. On the other hand, we were being nearer and ended up ready for the Russian landing force to technique the region from Hostomel to Kyiv.

We succeeded in repulsing the Russian attack. I don’t know what weapons were made use of to shoot down the Russian helicopters, but I believe it was American Stingers delivered before the war, just like the Russian tanks had been blown up with American Javelins at that time. 

Of system, the losses on our side were being huge. Russian military services columns were crushing our conscripts collectively with Kalashnikov rifles. 

What did the Ukrainian infantryman’s working day glimpse like at the starting of the war?

On the initially day, in general, these who experienced weapons had been questioned to be a part of since we had a shortage of weapons. I joined the units that had been patrolling Kyiv. In a process, ineffective fighters have been weeded out. There were being self-inflicted shootings because not everyone knew how to tackle a weapon. 

I noticed 1 sergeant – we had been coming out of a bomb shelter together – who was explained to that Russians experienced released 200 rockets at Kyiv. He fully commited suicide quickly with the weapon offered to him. There have been diverse predicaments – a ton of people today dropped out. 

On the fifth working day, we lined up the units that experienced formed and formalized. Every person was requested by command: “Do you recognize that this day could be the past in your life? Are you prepared to protect?” Of course, we recognized. 

In the initial times, we did not go to bed and passed out sleeping at our posts for two or a few hours. Then we slept in basements. We had only summer months uniforms, and it was pretty challenging throughout wintertime. We all caught a chilly and coughed right until May well. 

What was most challenging for you?

The worst matter was that our unit was divided up. We ended up a well-coordinated team and grew to become pals through our Kyiv company. When commanders questioned who preferred to go to the area with scorching hostilities – Severodonetsk, Lysychansk – our unit volunteered. Nonetheless, we were being divided and despatched in various instructions. Ordinarily, commands never convey to us exactly where they deliver us till we get there, most likely for secrecy causes.  

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