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Roku is launching its own lineup of TVs — here’s what to expect

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Roku 2023 TV hanging on a wall with the Roku menu on screen.Roku’s first lineup of smart TVs will launch later this year.


  • Roku announced its very first lineup of HD and 4K smart TVs at CES 2023.
  • The new collection ranges in size from 24 to 75 inches, with prices starting at $119.
  • Roku Select and Plus Series TVs will be available in spring 2023. 

Roku is well-known for making affordable and convenient streaming devices, and now the company is taking that approach to its own lineup of smart TVs. Announced at CES 2023, Roku Select and Plus Series TVs will be the brand’s first displays developed entirely in house.

The company has been licensing its Roku interface to other TV manufacturers, like TCL and Hisense, for several years, but this is the first time that Roku has built its own TVs from the ground up. Here’s what we know so far about the upcoming HD and 4K lineup, including pricing, sizes, and features.

Roku Select and Plus Series TVs arrive in spring 2023

The Roku TV lineup pictured in various sizes.Roku Select and Plus Series TVs.


Roku will launch its new smart TV lineup with two series: The Roku Select and Roku Plus Series. Both series are set to hit stores in spring 2023, but we don’t have an exact release date just yet. 

The lineup includes HD and 4K options with 11 models in total. Sizes range from 24 to 75 inches, with prices starting at $119 and going up to $999. Preorders are not yet available, but we expect the TVs to launch at major retailers like Amazon and Best Buy.

The Roku Plus Series will have better picture and a hands-free remote 

A Roku Plus Series TV pictures with the Roku Voice Remote ProAll Roku TVs come with a voice remote.


Roku hasn’t detailed full specifications, but the Plus Series will offer more advanced features compared to the Select models, including local dimming. Local dimming is a popular feature found on many midrange and high-end LED TVs, which enables a display’s backlight to brighten and dim in specific zones. This helps to create deeper black levels and better contrast.

All Roku TVs will include Roku Voice Remotes, and the 4K models will step things up with Roku’s Voice Remote Pro, which supports hands-free control and has USB-C charging. And of course, the TVs will come with Roku’s simple and convenient smart TV interface built right in, offering all of the streaming channels and navigation features buyers expect from the brand.

The TVs are competitively priced, but we’re not expecting high-end image quality

With a range of $119 to $999, Roku’s new TVs are set to carry competitive price tags that seem geared toward entry-level buyers. That said, the company’s initial announcement seems to be emphasizing value and convenience over cutting-edge picture quality.

Local dimming on the Plus Series is a good start, but Roku makes no mention of other common midrange and high-end picture features, like quantum dots or Mini LED backlights. These features are offered on TCL’s lineup of Roku-powered TVs, and they help to deliver impressive color and brightness.

It remains to be seen if Roku’s own displays will adopt these features, but based on the pricing and specs announced so far, it looks like this introductory lineup will be more focused on giving shoppers a budget-friendly smart TV experience.

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