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Ukraine says a team of military surgeons removed an unexploded grenade from inside the body of a Ukrainian soldier

A side-by-side of a Ukrainian surgeon holding the grenade, and an X-ray of the grenade in a man’s chestA Ukrainian military surgeon removed the grenade from the soldier’s chest.

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

  • A Ukrainian surgeon successfully removed a live grenade from inside a soldier’s chest. 
  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine tweeted that the grenade could have detonated “at any moment.”
  • The surgery went well and the wounded soldier has been sent to recovery, Ukraine’s military said.

A team of Ukrainian military surgeons has successfully removed an unexploded grenade from inside the body of a Ukrainian soldier, according to the country’s armed forces.

According to Ukraine’s Office of the Chief of Defence, Major General Andrii Verba performed the operation without using electrocoagulation — a common method to control bleeding during surgery — because “the grenade could detonate at any moment.”

Two sappers were on hand to handle the live grenade after it was removed from the soldier’s chest, according to Ukraine’s armed forces. X-rays shared by the defense chief showed the apparent grenade — which appeared to be an explosive round that would have been fired from a grenade launder.

Another image showed a doctor holding up the metallic shell in his bloodied gloves. 

The Armed Forces of Ukraine tweeted that “everything went well — the wounded man has already been sent for rehabilitation and recovery.”

Translations by Oleksandr Vynogradov.

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