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Seeking nominations for the top creator economy startups in New York in 2023

A woman in a pink jacket takes a selfie in front of the New York skylineA stock photo of a young woman exploring New York City.

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  • Insider is updating its list of the top creator-economy startups in New York.
  • We’ll weigh factors like funding, user adoption, and impact on the influencer industry broadly.
  • Please submit your ideas through this form (or the one below).

A year ago, Insider highlighted 14 of the top creator-economy startups in New York.

While Los Angeles was often the focal point for influencers and creator-focused companies, we noticed that the New York startup scene was transforming the industry as investors poured hundreds of millions of dollars into early-stage creator-economy companies.

Now, we’re updating our list for 2023. We want to hear from you about the New York-based startups that made waves over the last year.

The list will be determined by Insider based on our reporting and the nominations we receive. We will take into consideration factors like customer adoption, how a company is contributing to the New York media scene, funding and financials, and its impact on the creator economy as a whole.   

Please submit your nomination via the Google form below, and tell us why the startup deserves to make the list. The form will close on January 20.




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