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Yes, Joe Biden may have broken the Espionage Act. But the law is the problem | Trevor Timm

The Espionage Act is incredibly broad and spares no one. Readers of this newspaper may even have violated it

With President Joe Biden now embroiled in his own classified documents controversy, partisan commentators will surely have a field day playing the tired old game of “no, you endangered national security.” Instead, I’d like to focus on the real issues: the overly broad and often-abused Espionage Act and the massive, draconian secrecy system that does far more harm than good in the United States.

This should be yet another wake up call that both the classification system and the Espionage Act need a dramatic overhaul. The question is — as more secret documents are found at a second Biden location and Trump’s special prosecutor continues to work — will anyone listen?

Trevor Timm is executive director of the Freedom of the Press Foundation

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