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Elon Musk’s Twitter ordered by officials to properly label bedrooms in San Francisco HQ as sleeping areas — or convert them back to offices within 15 days

Twitter HQ and Elon Musk compositeA former Twitter worker previously said Elon Musk had often slept in the company’s offices.

David Odisho/Getty Images; Gotham/Getty Images

  • San Francisco told Twitter to label converted bedrooms as sleeping areas, per a correction notice.
  • If it doesn’t comply, Twitter has 15 days to convert the bedrooms back to offices in its HQ.
  • Officials launched an investigation in December into Twitter’s office bedrooms.

Twitter was told to correctly label converted bedrooms as sleeping areas in its San Francisco office straight away, according to a correction notice reviewed by Insider.

San Francisco’s Department of Building Inspection on Monday issued a correction notice to Twitter’s construction contractor regarding the use of conference rooms as bedrooms in the company’s headquarters on 1355 Market Street in San Francisco.

The building officials said that during an investigation, “it was observed that some of the conference rooms were being used as employee sleeping or rest areas,” according to the notice. “Beds were present in these rooms.”

“Please obtain a revision to properly label these rooms for the use as intended today or restore rooms to original use within 15 days,” the notice said.

Dan Sider, San Francisco Planning Department’s chief of staff, told the San Francisco Chronicle that Twitter’s building wasn’t out of compliance with normal office use and didn’t seem to be “radically different” from other offices. He added that sleeping pods and rest areas were common in modern offices.

However, it was important to distinguish whether the bedrooms were being used for naps or full-time residence, which is charged differently to commercial buildings, Sider told the Chronicle.

Twitter, acquired by Elon Musk in late October, didn’t immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment made outside of normal US operating hours.

In December, Twitter staff discovered beds, mattresses, curtains, bedside tables, and lamps in some conference rooms, Forbes first reported. Photos obtained by BBC News reporter James Clayton showed sofas that had been turned into beds, along with a wardrobe and a washing machine inside Twitter’s HQ.

Patrick Hannan, the Building Inspection Department’s communications director, confirmed to Insider in December it was investigating reports that Twitter had converted some office rooms into sleeping areas in its HQ.

Musk, in December, defended the bedrooms, saying he was simply “providing beds for tired employees.”

Reports of the bedrooms in Twitter’s offices came after an employee shared a photo of his boss Esther Crawford, the director of product management at Twitter, sleeping on the office floor. 

A former Twitter employee told BBC News that Musk had often slept in Twitter’s offices since taking over the company. Musk has previously spoken about how he used to sleep under his desk or on couches in Tesla factories.

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