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You now can get $700 in discounts at Disney’s Star Wars-themed hotel but a two-night stay still costs thousands.

star wars hotel galactic starcruiser room

David Roark/Disney Parks

  • A two-night stay at the Star Wars-themed Galactic Starcruiser hotel and attraction typically costs $5,000. 
  • New discounts offer up to $700 in savings for two nights.
  • Users on Twitter have derided the hotel for its prices and some predicted that eventually something would have to give. 

Disney is making it a little easier to visit a galaxy far, far away, after it slashed prices at its banner Star Wars hotel at Disney World. 

Two nights at the Star Wars-themed Galactic Starcruiser hotel and attraction, which launched last year, typically costs guests $5,000, according to the New York Post. Now, Disney is offering up to $700 in discounts, as it looks to fill beds at the much-lauded spot, according to the Walt Disney World website. 

The hotel was panned after it opened last year, with guests complaining the rooms were little more than windowless bunkers, the New York Post reported. Some media outlets, like CNBC, applauded the hotel for its ability to bring guests into the world of Star Wars, but guests have remained lukewarm. 

Some Twitter users last month predicted upcoming price cuts at the hotel, which charges extra for food, drink and Star Wars-based experiences. 

“Genuinely Disney is going to have to eventually drop that price on galactic starcruiser,” one user Tweeted. “Idk why they’re fighting it.”

—Lucky Girl 🍀 ✈️ Cali (@hecallsmePP) January 29, 2023

“We are almost a year into Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser opening and I have pretty much seen nothing on social media or YouTube about it,” another user Tweeted in late January. “I don’t want to call Starcruiser a failure but it does seem that almost all of the hype is officially dead.”

—Geo Zaroff (@GeoZaroff) January 28, 2023

The steepest cut on Disney’s website is a discount of $350 per night on a two-night stay. Other discounts range from $150 to $250 per night. 

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