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A New York man got a package from a funeral home in the mail. Inside were the cremated remains of a man he’d never met.

Twitter thread indie musician ashesHamilton Leithauser first explained the story in Twitter


  • A New York musician found the cremated remains of a man he’d never met in his mailbox.
  • ‘It’s just sort of shocking,’ Hamilton Leithauser told ABC 7. 
  • The New York Post later tracked down the man’s son, after the ashes were returned to a funeral home. 

When New York musician Hamilton Leithauser made a routine check of his mail last week, he was stunned by a package containing the ashes of a man he had never met. 

“It’s just sort of shocking. I’m like, ‘What am I supposed to do with these?” Leithauser told The New York Post. “This was a person. You have to show a little respect.”

Leithauser, who received the ashes Tuesday, ABC7NY reported this week, explained in a Twitter thread that he later learned the ashes were the remains of a man who died in 2017.

He contacted the funeral home that sent the remains, he told ABC7NY, but to no avail.

Leithauser told ABC7NY, “I think he said, ‘don’t you examine your packages before you open them,’ and I said, ‘don’t you check the address before you mail someone’s dead body,’ I think that’s the last thing I said and then he hung up on me.”

Insider contacted the funeral home for comment, but a representative said he had never heard of a package containing ashes sent to Leithauser. 

The New York Post on Thursday identified the deceased as Dwight Walter, and tracked down his son, Lamant Hall, 

“Shame on them,” Hall told the Post. “To see his ashes misplaced like that is heartbreaking.”

Someone was eventually sent to Leithauser’s home to retrieve the ashes, according to ABC7NY.

The Post reported that Hall and his brother picked out an urn for their father when he died. “For all these years, I thought my father was safe and sound. Come to find out … he’s been shipped around and neglected by the funeral home that said they were gonna take care of him,” he told the Post. “I’m at a loss for words.”

It was unclear why the ashes weren’t picked up after Walter died, the Post reported. 

“I thought everything went smoothly after the funeral. My brother took care of everything,” Hall added

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