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Ukrainian border guards spot enemy scouts, force group to retreat, with losses


In the northern element of Ukraine, border guards prevented the sophisticated teams of the Russian invasion pressure from penetrating the border.

Which is according to the Condition Border Guard Support of Ukraine, Ukrinform studies.

On Friday, February 3, Russian troops were being lively in the Sivershchyna region, wherever models of the Condition Border Guard Company carry out combat tasks. Throughout the working day, the enemy shelled border guards’ strongholds, employing artillery and mortars.

“Right after dusk, the enemy’s reconnaissance team experimented with to imperceptibly breach the Ukrainian protection line. Border guards noticed their motion. A blitz firefight ensued, as a ersult of which the reconnaissance team of the aggressor region retreated, possessing failed to remain unnoticed,” the statement reads.

Study also: Russian troops shell border regions of Sumy location with mortars

Overnight Saturday, the enemy’s smaller rifle groups once again experimented with to perform reconnaissance by fighting right toward the positions of Ukrainian border guards. This sort of actions yelided no success as, getting been confronted with Ukraine’s solid defenses, the enemy infantry retreated. Russian losses are staying confirmed.

As Ukrinform documented previously, from February 24, 2022 to February 4, 2023, Ukraine’s Defense Forces of Ukraine eradicated nearlu 130,590 Russian invaders.

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