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17 Telegram Accounts to Follow for the Latest War News From Ukraine

A aspect of Ukraine’s national resilience – not especially very well identified abroad, but so commonplace domestically that the Ukrainians scarcely see it by themselves – is the depth and breadth of the countrywide media house. Ukrainian journalism, information development and blogging aren’t just alive and effectively, they’re likely gangbusters. 

Even right before the Russian invasion, the only practical way for Ukrainian information specialists and knowledgeable citizens to even endeavor to preserve up with the details flood was to subscribe to hundreds of Telegram channels and, above months and years, winnow out the types offering the most useful news the speediest.

Russia’s February 2022 invasion efficiently threw that media spectrum into overdrive, producing the Russo-Ukrainian War – at the very least for a particular person checking the ideal platforms and capable to examine Ukrainian and Russian – without the need of question the ideal-documented conflict in human record.

Just after a yr of coverage, Kyiv Article’s reporters have clicked on an array of Telegram channels. Below are some that have, for a person reason or yet another, stood the exam of time.

And if you don’t converse Russian or Ukrainian, never get worried – Telegram’s translate function (just press and keep on a submit and select it from the menu) is commonly fantastic.

Disclaimer – Not all of these accounts are formal media or personalities, and the information and facts they submit must be handled with a degree of skepticism until eventually verified by several trustworthy resources. In addition, some of it is particularly graphic.

Army-linked platforms:

3-tya Okrema Shturmova Brihada 

A normal army Ukrainian assault brigade previously a Territorial Protection Battalion elevated in and all over Kyiv at the get started of the war, with a great proportion of volunteers from the Azov political organization, operates this channel. 3rd Independent Assault Brigade operates just one of the most productive and thorough info operations in the whole Ukrainian army, and overcome footage obtainable on this channel is normally one of a kind, and 2nd to none in top quality.

47 OMBr “Mahura” 

The 47th Independent Mechanized Brigade is a a short while ago raised standard army device and seriously equipped with NATO-typical weapons. Their Telegram system is a good baseline for details about the development of a Ukrainian combating device as it can make the shift to Western coaching, products and methods.

Gruz 200 and Ishchi Svoikh 

These platforms appeared in the early days of the war, they mentioned, to assist Russian households come across sons, husbands, brothers or fathers serving in the Russian armed service and lacking in the war. It is not fully obvious how they’re receiving all the info they publish, but much of it is culled from Ukraine battling models: Russian troopers taken prisoner, confirmed strike in fight, or mentioned as lifeless in action. Warning: Some of the written content is gory.

WarLife 18+ Rossiya Ukraina Voina 18+ 

This collation platform appears to search for out the most violent and surprising war footage, from all sources. On the other hand, the channel is rapid and extensive, and so a good resource for confirming fighting documented elsewhere.

Properly-educated Ukrainian civilians:

Butusov Plyus 

Yury Butusov, arguably Ukraine’s leading fight correspondent and an outstanding war reporter, operates this system with the enable of assistants. He has a lengthy record of reporting the predicament from the ground at spots most journalists dread to journey, and not pulling punches when military management could do superior which, according to him, is normally. He also publishes video clip problem-and-remedy classes in which he responses on war-related themes, typically with the authority of a reporter that has been on the floor recently. His contacts with 92nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade, a single of the Ukrainian army’s standout formations, are significantly near.

Pravda Gerashchenko 

Anatoly Herashchenko is an advisor to Ukraine’s Interior Minister but, due to the fact the start off of the war, has been one of the most prolific and fastest sources of war-associated and standard details. Often, his sources seem to arrive directly from the Interior Ministry.

Tsaplienko_Ukraine Fights 

Andriy Tsaplienko is a further Ukrainian journalist with a deep history of masking the Russian invasion given that 2014. His Telegram system and its material is incredibly rapid and vast-achieving. Fewer outspoken, and so much more neutral than Butusov, Tsaplienko reports from the entrance intermittently, but the principal concentration of his feed is all-resource information in a single spot.

Typical news and Ukrainian information aggregators


This is a collation platform with outstanding over-all coverage and tiny primary reporting, but it features the exceptionally beneficial purpose of obvious and practical inbound links to the resource of the information.

UNIAN Information Agency 

This is an previous school Ukrainian news agency supplying standard news wire reporting on Ukraine. They possibly have additional individuals on the floor collecting details and passing it on than any other firm exterior federal government intelligence. Quickly, reliable and an exceptional benchmark supply for the day’s breaking news on Ukraine.

Professional-Russia platforms


This channel has close one-way links with “state”-controlled media in Donetsk town and sends reporters around and to the front line from time to time. Sights are virulently anti-Ukrainian, but at occasions the platform gives photographs and reporting of Ukrainian military strikes, as very well as armed forces pursuits from the two sides, not readily available in other places. Editors publish a entrance overview everyday which is a lot more specific and considerably less propaganda-bombast than standard Russian condition media or authorities statements.

Starshe Eddy 

This is a channel operate by Russian war correspondent Roman Kulikovsky. The platform presents just one of the most complete – though not constantly precise – every day situation estimates out there on open up resources on either facet. Element is sizeable and aimed at readers acquainted with military tactics and weaponry. While adamantly pro-Russia since the begin of the war, the system is ordinarily 1 of the first to concede Russian army complications and failures.


A particular channel run by veteran Russian war correspondent Simon Pegov, it is vociferously pro-Russian military services and anti-Ukrainian, however regularly crucial of Russian army substantial command. He likes to current Russian soldiers as heroes and liberators. Pegov was wounded by shell splinters late last 12 months, which led, amid other results, to a meeting with Vladimir Putin and a medal.

Anatoliy Shary  

On paper, a single of Ukraine’s most well-known bloggers and an outspoken opponent of independent Ukraine and each individual democratically-elected Ukrainian government. His critics have claimed that most of Shary’s millions of followers are bots, which he denies. He periodically is the incredibly first in the Ukrainian media spectrum with breaking news, specifically if the news embarrasses the Ukrainian condition or countrywide leadership. Typical knowledge in Ukrainian media retains that Shary gains from suggestions from Russian intelligence solutions, or a large and dense community of followers on the ground inclined and ready to go on distinctive data, or both equally.

Formal Ukrainian platforms

Vitaly Kim and the Mykolaiv Regional Defense Command 

This is the formal channel of the Mykolaiv Regional Defense Command and so a superior supply of governing administration information on developments in the area. It also is a system for the governor, Vitaly Kim, to publish repeated and normally entertaining YouTube videos about functions.

Joint Defense Command West 

This is the official channel of the Ukraine army’s joint command west. This is generally a quiet supply. Nevertheless, ended up Russian activities in Belarus to intensify and were being Russian troops to technique the Ukrainian border, this would be a very first-appear place for formal facts about individuals developments.

Major Directorate of Intelligence for the Protection Ministry of Ukraine 

This is the official channel of Ukraine’s nationwide military services intelligence agency. Its messages and their material are a great benchmark for the formal Ukrainian federal government look at of Russian ideas, intentions and capacities. The platform also often publishes intelligence obtained from Russian soldiers, in some cases via telephone intercepts and in some cases from prisoners of war.



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