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Report: Moscow, Tehran plan drone factory in Russia

(NewsNation) — The Chinese balloon that was recently hovering over U.S. airspace made headlines, but some say China’s more existential threat to the U.S. is its activity overseas alongside Iran and Russia.

New reporting indicates that China is actively helping Russia in its war effort in Ukraine.

The Wall Street Journal says that according to Russian customs data, Chinese-state owned companies are shipping military equipment to Russia despite international sanctions.

Russia is getting fighter jet parts, shipping navigation technology and jamming technology from China.

This comes as Iranian leaders are reportedly planning to develop a drone factory in Russia that would be capable of producing 6,000 drones for the war in Ukraine. Iran has already made hundreds of drones for Russia and moving production to Russian soil would likely be an escalation.

The news connecting Russia, China and Iran comes as Ukraine is going through a leadership shake-up in the middle of war, replacing its defense minister Oleksii Reznikov.

Reznikov took questions from the press Sunday. He said he expects that all weapons deliveries from the West should arrive on time.

The only weapons request the U.S. has denied for Ukraine so far have been fighter jets. Reznikov said he fully expects that fighter jets will come eventually.