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Ukraine’s Merchant Sailors Grounded at Home

Because Russia’s whole-scale invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022, Ukrainian males of conscription age (18-60) have not been authorized to depart Ukraine. The ban also applies to sailors on business ships.

On Sept. 2, 2022, immediately after six months of bureaucratic delays, the Cupboard of Ministers handed a resolution allowing sailors to go overseas. The checklist of necessary files was proven on Oct. 22, 2022.

Having said that, contrary to inhabitants of other areas, individuals in the Odesa region still cannot attain the demanded files. In accordance to a consultant of the Ukrainian Seafarers Union, Volodymyr Artamonov, the circumstance is the worst in the Odesa and Mykolaiv regions, which are subordinated to the Operational Command South. There, the authorities disregard the government’s resolution.


Volodymyr Artamonov, a agent of the Ukrainian Seafarers Union.

Bureaucratic Catch-22

Instantly soon after the federal government handed the resolution permitting commercial sailors to leave Ukraine again in September, Artamonov applied for a permit but was rejected since the area army officials did not have the formal list of necessary paperwork. Neither did the military offices in any of the other regions.

“On Sept. 2, the Cupboard of Ministers passed Resolution No. 992 allowing sailors to quickly leave Ukraine for their workplaces, but we had to attain a specific ‘permit to leave the put of residence’ from the armed service business. Artamonov reported. The armed forces office, in transform, instructed him that they have been nevertheless ready on a checklist of formally demanded files.

Confronted by the issue, the Ukrainian Seafarers Union demanded that the formal listing be established. Their energy was not in vain: on Oct. 22, 2022, the Typical Team of the Armed Forces of Ukraine developed the checklist.

All armed service places of work throughout the nation ended up intended to acquire the related document inside two times and act appropriately, but the administrative locations subordinated to the Operational Command South ongoing to disregard the government’s resolution.

“The dilemma in the southern regions is that they refer to Article 23 [on mobilization],” claims Artamonov. “They say it does not mention sailors, so there’s no way we can assist you. They even now want the word ‘sailors’ in that posting. But in other areas, sailors currently obtain permits.”

Bribes and other methods to attain a allow

In accordance to Artamonov, some of the sailors residing in the southern locations moved to other locations, registered there as internally displaced persons (IDP), then registered at local navy places of work and therefore attained the allow to go abroad.

In reality, the issue exists completely in the locations subordinated to the Operational Command South.

16d1b05fafa29e3011613fd619f14178.jpegOdesa military administration. Image by Volodymyr Artamonov.

In accordance customers of the Ukrainian Seafarers Union, a permit from a navy place of work in the Odesa or Mykolaiv region can be purchased for a rate.

“Many sailors complain that following they are denied the permit, armed forces business office personnel tactic them and offer a ‘solution’ for $5,000 to $10,000,” suggests Artamonov.

“If you pay back a selected sum, you get a ‘white ticket’ [a document certifying that the person is unfit for military service]. Then you can cross the border. But we want it to be in accordance with the regulation. We really do not want to spend anybody.”

What does the Operational Command South say?

Natalia Humenyuk, spokesperson for the Operational Command South, informed general public broadcaster Suspilne that the government’s resolution indeed lists the documents required to empower sailors to go overseas for contract do the job, but in no way lifts the norms of martial law, i.e., that all males aged from 18 to 60 are issue to mobilization.

“In other words and phrases, a permit to cross the border can only be issued to males who are not subject matter to mobilization or are deferred (thanks to age, relatives or wellness position etcetera.),” claimed Humenyuk.

505b4a6e0a3093d9a851f386219c566d.jpegOdesa military services administration. Image by Volodymyr Artamonov.

“There are no hurdles on the component of area military places of work. They act in accordance with the energetic law. If a person applies for a armed service registration document, he has to go the required medical exams. If the health care fee finds him in good shape for company, these norms use to him.”

The battle carries on

Artamonov continues to battle for sailors’ ideal to go abroad, making use of each individual chance to expose the difficulty as extensively as doable through the push and at protest rallies. But almost all rallies conclude up in skirmishes with the police and mass detentions. Throughout some of them, connect with-up papers are handed out to protesters.

“The sailors collected to need their rights, but abruptly people today from the army workplaces of Odesa came and handed out get in touch with-up papers,” Artamonov explained, recalling an incident that transpired final fall.

He has complained to the Point out Bureau of Investigation, the Countrywide Anticorruption Bureau, and the Army Prosecutor’s Place of work, but all his letters of grievance have invariably landed at the Odesa military office environment, leaving him stranded in a vicious circle.



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Alisa Orlova

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