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Selected Articles Review at 11 a.m.

created by Michael Novakhov  •  Feb 08 2023

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On November 21, 2021, FBI agents acting on a court-ordered search warrant seized the personal electronic… 2h

Suspected Chinese spy balloon ‘likely stole nuclear intel’ in flight over missile silos  Express
“Putin in Beijing” – Google News 19h

2023-02-07T19:11:42Z U.S. Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh speaks with members of the media about railroad…
Las Vegas Shooting of 2017 – 19h

2023-02-07T19:51:06Z Ukraine said on Tuesday the last 24 hours were the deadliest of the war so far for…
Las Vegas Shooting of 2017 – 19h

“We cannot assume it’s ok because an officer passed vetting at the start of their career, has passed…
Times Radio 19h

Russia-Ukraine war live: Russians ‘eradicating towns’ in eastern …  msnNOW
“intelligence assessments and analysis of the Russia – Ukraine War 2022” – Google News 19h

Russia’s Military Masses Hundreds of Thousands of Troops for …  Democracy Now!
“FBI misconduct” – Google News 19h

Frenemies: US-Israel Spy Strains Emerge Over Iran  SpyTalk
“russian spies in united states” – Google News 19h

Russia pouring troops into Eastern Ukraine ahead of new offensive  The Telegraph
“intelligence assessments and analysis of the Russia – Ukraine War 2022” – Google News 19h

George Santos – latest news: Congressman expected to face House …  msnNOW
“Criminality in FBI” – Google News 19h

From Worst to Best – Anti-Money Laundering Capabilities in Latin America The latest Basel Institute…
FBI from Michael_Novakhov (35 sites) 19h

Spy balloon only a piece of China’s ‘brazen’ actions inside the US  Colorado Springs Gazette
“Christopher Wray” – Google News 19h

Russian man pleads guilty to laundering Ryuk ransomware money  BleepingComputer
ransomware – Google News 19h

FBI Whistleblower Interviewed by GOP House Committee, Top …  The Epoch Times
“Investigate the FBI Investigators” – Google News 19h

FBI from Michael_Novakhov (35 sites) 19h

Colonel Surov and Russian Links to Ortega’s Repression  Havana Times
“Counterintelligence Investigations” – Google News 19h

 Michael Novakhov’s favorite articles on InoreaderMichael Novakhov @mikenovposted at 14:37:17 UTC by Michael…
My Opinion – The News And Times 23h

COINTELPRO 2.0: How the FBI Infiltrated BLM Protests After Police …  Democracy Now!
“FBI misconduct” – Google News 23h

Headlines for February 07, 2023  Democracy Now!
“Robb Elementary Uvalde” – Google News 23h

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